Motorized Bar Stool! Check The Sounds Of This V8 395HP ENGINE!

Every now and then we come across something totally crazy that blows away our mind and leaves us with the jaw on the floor. Here we have one crazy, off-beat little machine, that is craving with astonishing level of horsepower that will not leave any motor head indifferent. It is a small block V8 Chevy motorized Bar Stool that can give an output to (almost unbelievable) 395HP, so I think that it would be safe if we call it one of the best little rides we have seen in a while.

Even though I`m not really sure what is its main purpose, but there is no shortage of wild ideas when you let your imagination running wild. And that is exactly what happens whilst watching this little bad boy in raw action. One thing that comes to mind is bar hopping, but I seriously doubt that it could be street legal.

I guess, it is another one of those `funny looking concoctions` that you can not help but loving it. So check out the video bellow and tell me what you think about it.

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