World Fastest Fiat 500! It’s Small, It’s Tiny & It Runs 10-Sec @ 1/4 Mile!

Time and time again we are reminded that appearance CAN LIE A LOT! This is especially true when it comes to cars! A car might be small, but that doesn`t necessarily mean that is not a BEAST! Such is the case with the car in this video! Check out this INSANE World Fastest Fiat 500 on the Cayuga Dragway in ON, Canada! This little Fiat 500 caught everyone by surprise with its amazing performance! Who could blame the people, not even we expected this tiny vehicle to go that fast!

For who knows what time now, we are being taught the same lesson – never judge the book by its covers! Wonder why we say this? The footage below shows the cute little FIAT 500 that is about to give us the performance of a LAMBO! Moreover, this fella marked amazing results on a drag race! To be precise, it ran a 1/4 mile in 10 seconds!!! It really is awkward to see a tiny car like this one breaking the 10s and becoming a 10 second car! This thing is powered by the S2000 engine and it still has its stock chassis. It runs exactly: 10.44-Sec @ 138.9MPH and I think it could go under 10 if there was a better start! Those are the capabilities of the world`s fastest Fiat 500! Size doesn`t matter when it comes to speed! The performance of this Fiat 500 proves this statement! Whoever customized the small Fiat 500 did a marvelous job. The very least we could do is share footage of the little beast showing what it can do in a drag race! If you cannot believe it, click on the video below and see for yourself! Very fast, tiny, little machine! The world`s fastest Fiat 500 will surely impress you!

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