Most of the times when we are showing you videos, or write reviews about the Italian cars (about 99% of the cases), we are talking about the well known supercars like the Lamborghini, of Ferrari, sometimes we have the legendary Alpha Romeo, or the Maserati. But today we are going to show you something a little bit different, pretty far from those well known racing beasts that we adore, even though powered by the extremely powerful V12 motor. However, here we have a V12 Fiat 500 Lamborghini specimen. But read on…

Those of you who are following the history of car manufacturing from all over the world, are well familiar that besides the above mentioned supercars, the Italians are very well known for their small cars. And one of the most iconic amongst those is definitely the Fiat 500.

However, as you could have concluded from the title, this article is not about an ordinary, or the latest model of Fiat 500, but a special prototype of it, powered by the mighty and powerful V12 motor from Lamborghini Murcielago! And I have got to tell you that it is really something. And that is the reason why we have decided to show you three video clips from it, in which, first you will listen to it roaring and revving that V12 engine, then inspecting the tarmac track, and finally you can see how it performed a little flame throwing show.

So, if any of this sounds appealing to you (as it should), check out the smallest Italian V12 Fiat 500 Lamborghini and tell us what you think about this experiment.

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