If you are a racing fan, then you definitely like street racing! It is what gives racing the creativity, the freedom it needs and most importantly – the STYLE! So, we have something very tempting for you guys! We present to you – THE DERBY OF NORTHERN ITALY! You have the amazing, the king of the elegance FERRARI 458 and the incredibly fast LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR! The elegant Ferrari with its 4.5L V8 engine is going to try and beat the incredible 6.5L V12 owned by the Lamborghini Aventador! Who are you going to support in this FERRARI 458 VS LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR race?

The Lambo is the winner on paper, but luck and experience can sometimes beat the odds! This is definitely what we like to call the clash of the upper class! So, however, this street race includes everything that needs to be included for a high quality race like this one! It has the style, the speed, the performance, all the power, all the torque! Simply everything you could ever wish for. If you are now ready, the battle may begin! Make yourself comfortable and choose your hero! Check the video below and find out who the winner is! Let the FERRARI 458 VS LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR race begin!

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