DRAG RACES: GT-Rs vs Turbo Honda vs ZR1 vs Big Turbo Audi!

GT-Rs vs Turbo Honda vs ZR1 vs Big Turbo Audi, how does that sound? Come with us and you will never regret it! We are taking you to the most awesome place ever, at the Roll Race Tests where you will see all sorts of powerful engines as they compete each other! You will see GTRs competing some Turbo Hondas as well as ZR1 that will challenge some Big Audi Turbo! No matter who you support, it is an honor to watch these motors race!

Firstly, you will get to see the clash of the 700 horsepower Charcoal Gt-R and the 900 horsepower Silver GT-R! The Silver GT-R seemed to gain a BIG win but unfortunately it finished in the grass as it had some minor problems with the brakes! Apart from all the races, this video contains great mini interviews with the owners of some great cars! Moreover, you`ll get to see the FANTASTIC RACE between the 850hp Turbo Cobra and the 700hp Turbo LSX 28OZ! This is where the LSX actually showed better performance! Anyway, we would not like to ruin this footage to you and reveal everything that is about to be seen. But the least we can do is to promise you`ll have a great time! Once again, read carefully: GT-Rs vs Turbo Honda vs ZR1 vs Big Turbo Audi!

Plus, if you want to see the first drag meeting this year between the 2015 Nissan GTR Nismo and the 2015 Corvette Z06, follow this link.