Diesel Monster BLOWS Its Turbo Cummins Engine In A Drag Race! What Do You Think Happened Next?

We have covered a lot of drag races on this website. We are not about to stop anytime soon! The video we have for you today however is a bit different from what you would normally see. If you wonder what the difference is, we are more than happy to let you know. One of the vehicles racing DESTROYS its turbo Cummins engine! This happened simply because the truck is TOO POWERFUL! The compound turbo diesel truck had over 100psi of boost and 2014 ft-lbs of torque!

If this is not powerful for you, try adding 1173 horsepower to the whole equation! It is no wonder that it completely overpowered its opponent in the drag race! It did have to a pay a big price for the win though, as the turbo Cummins engine gets was destroyed while racing! What we thought was the most impressive thing, is the fact that this mishap was still not enough to stop this beast from winning the race!

Even after blowing its turbo Cummins engine, this turbo diesel MONSTER managed to get to the finish line first! Luckily the driver didn`t crash, and as he puts it, he is not even mad the engine got destroyed! The car survived, but it did have problems starting up. This is why a couple of people had to push it on top of a car trailer. The guy yelling “AMERICA“ at the end got us laughing hard! As if this video wasn`t American enough! Nonetheless, we can`t wait to see more of this amazing truck in the future. For the time being, we can only offer you this video of the turbo diesel truck destroying its turbo Cummins engine and still winning a race! Don`t miss out on this beauty guys, and enjoy its amazing performance.

Finally, follow this link to watch some more serious racing without destroying the engines, which by the way, produce extraordinary sounds, accompanied by the sound of the turbo and exhaust systems!

Video creditis: 1320 Video