451 RAM TRUCKS Set GUINNESS for Longest Truck Parade!

Watching so many pickup trucks in one place, is most definitely something that can and should be described as a demonstration of colossal truck power, like we rarely have an opportunity to see. That is why I believe that the following video that we have prepared for you today, will be a real treat, and joy and pleasure to watch. Especially if you are one of the many Dodge Ram truck fans. And I bet that there are many amongst you. It was this past April 18, when Dodge Ram fans and owners, have gathered in Arlington, Texas, and set a new world record for the longest ever pickup truck parade.

I`m sure that even in this moment, before you actually see the video below, you are sensing what an impressive sight, and what a demonstration of colossal power the whole thing was.

The Dodge Ram truck parade took place outside the home of the Dallas Cowboys, the AT&T Stadium, and it also coincides with the 50th Academy of Country Music Awards. No more no less but 451 pickup trucks were present on the streets and the parking lot outside the stadium, and even though we have not had the pleasure of watching it live, we can clearly see on the video that it was a sight to remember.

Just watch the following video and you will see what I`m saying. And if you want to find out more details from this impressive event, go to this link.