YETI Concept TRUCK – EX DODGE RAM 3500 With 76-Inch Tractor Tires!

We have something really unique here – the YETI Concept Truck! It`s very useful, looks powerful and actually IS powerful! The famous fabricator Rex Bailey used what is called a SAMSON CNC machine so he could build the YETI! This YETI is a truck that is able to drive through snow even though it is 3 feet deep!!! It can do that thanks to the 76 inch tractor tires that are huge but also pretty thin! This truck really has the looks and we do not think anyone would lose interest of having it!

Another fascinating thing about the Yeti Concept Truck are the Unimog portal axles as well as the Modified DODGE RAM 3500 and a Cummins Diesel that were put together in order to produce this magnificent BEAST! The tires for one, give this truck the unmistakable and intimidating stance! Not only that it is good for snow and mud, this one can easily be driven on the streets as well as used for off-road terrain! There is nothing else that you need to wait for, just feel free to click on the video below, and see the creation that Rex Bailey was able to construct!

Finally, if you are in for some more snow fun, follow this link!