People`s creativity can go very far! As many people have different ideas and hobbies, we can never be surprised by their outcomes! So, how about taking a look at the SWAMP TRAXX?! This crazy invention is made to transport vehicles over some nasty surfaces such as swamps, snow as well as mud, sand and even muskeg!

This machine is so powerful it has no problem transferring any truck or car possible! It is basically a hydrostatically auxiliary powered machine on tracks that has some pretty good items to boast about. Like for example, a heavily reinforced frame along with a very heavy TORFLEX suspension as it gives 30.000 pounds payload capacity that is spread over 28 inches wide D-dent tracks! However, its features are here to give the outstanding performance in every way, starting from the geophysical and ending at the construction industries! Isn`t it great knowing that you no longer need super cool HUGE MONSTER TRUCKS made for mudding in order to overpass an oncoming obstacle? Nor do you need one of those swamp buggies, all you need is SWAMP TRAXX and your troubles are over! Check it out!!!

Plus, if you want to see one crazy DTV Shredder that can also pass every possible terrain, follow this link to see it in action.