Ride Around The Neighborhood With A TWIN TURBO 24V CUMMINS!!!

The 24 valve Cummins version of the 12 valve engine became very popular in 1998 as it pushed out its predecessor easily! There are many reasons why, and we could write a whole article in that matter. So, let`s keep it strict to the point! If you are ready, come for a ride with us and our friend – owner of a twin turbo 24V Cummins! He has just built his Twin Turbo setup and he is ready to take this beauty for a spin! As he sets the camera right on the corner of his hood, he gives us an amazing angle to enjoy this ride, especially from an “expert`s” point of view!

The day is awesome as the sun reflects perfectly on this patriot blue painted body kit. So, let`s take this buddy for a ride! With the exhaust pipe being right on the hood, it makes you wonder couple of things. Firstly and most importantly – is it legal? Then again, is it safe to be driven on the rain? The owner says it`s not quite legal, but he still takes it out on the streets, and rain can`t harm it, just needs a lot of cleaning afterwards! Enjoy the ride with the twin turbo 24V Cummins!

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