LAWNMOWER Drag Racing!? We All Want To Buy One Now!

Are you for some Lawnmower Drag Racing?

Lawnmower Drag Races! I Know You - We All Want To Buy One Now!

When you have a bunch of need for speed addicts and gearheads at one place, the only thing that you can expect is hell of a lot of fun and of course, all sorts of vehicles facing each other at the drag strip. Well, most of the times, what we see is a highly modified supercars that look like their owners are ready to fly off to the moon with it. But this time we found something a little bit different than that, but never the less, it is also great fun and a real display of just how much love for drag racing there is within these guys.

Like we said, we have seen a wide variety of vehicles drag racing. Lawnmower drag racing however, is something we haven`t stumbled upon, until we found this remarkable video! To make things even better, it is organized as a tournament, with several different lawnmowers are used for drag racing!

It is one of those rare videos in which we can see improvised vehicles being used as drag cars, in this case the main role is given to this great looking lawnmowers. Unfortunately, just like many times before, the author of the video did not bother himself to give us any info at all, about what kind of a power motors is `under the hoods` of these small `tractors`.

We presume that it is something that can generate at least 20 horse and torque power, but then again, we could be wrong. However, it is really good and entertaining video, and we are sure you will like it and have fun watching it. We sure did! Lawnmower drag racing looks like a really fun thing! Watch the video below and let us know what you think about this craziness!

And if you want to participate in a drag race like this, follow this link!