T88 34D Explosive Power of GTR Almost Blows Up the Dyno!

When we are talking about Nissan Skyline GTRs, nothing is enough or too much, so more often than not, during the tuning process, the dynamometer is at danger to be `killed and completely destructed` by the power of the engine. Such is the example in the video that you are about to see in today`s post, when a Nissan Skyline GTR R34 with a T88 34D is being put to the dyno test.

If you are one of the `classic gearheads`, than it is clear that you can not get tired of watching and listening to the sound of the incredible Nissan GT-R engine blasting away its enormous power. Because for me, these videos can never become too much – the magic and allure of the Skyline engine does it.

Thus, let us all enjoy the following minute from this video clip, watching the awesome GTR going once at 730 HP, going twice – it is about 900HP, going third time and the dynamometer is going into red zone. So how can you not like it? This is why we never get tired of watching the powerful Nissan GTR engine in action. I suggest you so the same.

Finally, here is another powerful Nissan GTR strapped to the DYNO!

Enjoy the video below!

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