Here we go with one real monster for all those who can never get enough of horse and torque power, and who love those dragster beasts that look like they can set the entire strip on fire! In this case, as you are going to see this raging pony in its `stable`, it seems that it is about to tear down the whole neighborhood. I mean, anyone who is Into muscle cars, simply got to love these dragsters, that are boosting with so much horsepower, it starts hurting your head, just by thinking about it. And this Ford Mustang drag beast, that has 3 000 ponies packed under the hood, is definitely one of that category, and it can raise a real hell if anything glance in its direction.

The owner of this `Stang monster definitely wants to prove that point, as he is taking it out of its slumber and starts roaring it, and fires it up, making sure that the whole neighborhood knows who is the boss. And in the case there are some babies who are still in a deep sleep, he lights up the rears and burns its mark on the ground.

Check it out and see this insanely powerful Ford Mustang drag monster yourself. And since we are talking about ultra-powerful dragsters, go to this link if you want to see another, even crazier monster!