800+ HP 72mm DURAMAX DUALLY TURBO Roaring In Tunnel!

No matter whether you are a big time fan or not, watching a big and powerful truck in action is always one of a kind experience. I mean, for me, it was always like some powerful muscle car, only doubled in size, and being able to go as fast as hell, and of course, to demonstrate the power of its engine in different ways. Today we have prepared you a video clip with one such an example, an ultra powerful 2005 GMC Siera 3500, powered by a Duramax Dually Turbo that gives it an output to over 800 HP, rolling and roaring in the tunnel. And if you ask me, there are only a few places where one can feel the glory and the power of this awesome truck like in a place like this.

As you will be watching the video, filmed from the driver`s perspective, you will see just how easy this monster truck is reaching almost 100 mph, and the amount of power that is bursting is simply mesmerizing. So without further adieu and unnecessary chit chatting about it, watch the following video and enjoy all that Duramax Dually Turbo power.

And if you want to find out something ore about the 2005 GMC Siera 3500, go to this link.