Race Version G Series PLYMOUTH SUPERBIRD In A Wind Tunnel Test!

Here is something that will put a smile on the face and raise the pulse of every vintage muscle car aficionado, as we have a video clip from a wind tunnel test from a really rare beauty, a race version G SeriesĀ Plymouth Superbird, a tribute to the car that could have been one of the fastest in the NASCAR history.

This totally awesome beauty was built by Gary & Pam Beineke as a part of the 1971 Plymouth Superbird-stable that was suppose to be rocking at the K&K Daytona. But as many of you probably know well, in that year of 1971, NASCAR decided to make certain changes in the rules that banned all the race cars with a wing from competing. Therefore, this great G Series Plymouth, the 1971 Petty Superbird did not have a chance to prove itself on the track, and it was only built as a 3/8 scale model.

The video below that you will see in a few moments is from the wind tunnel test on this awesome car, so it is made as some kind of a `What-If` tribute -- what could have been if this beauty was allowed to feel the tarmac track. Gary Romberg is one of the aerodynamicists who were working on the wing cars back then, so the man came to see how his 40 year old project (now built in full scale version) looks like now.

So if you are one of the fans of the race muscle cars with a wing, I think that you will fully enjoy watching this video. And if you want to remember on another race legend from the big wing cars, go to this link.