Custom Built 1972 Chevrolet NOVA Spotted In EUROPE!

Because we are muscle cars zone, here is another video of a muscle car! Today we present to you the custom built 1972 Chevrolet Nova. This car is recorded at the “Helsinki Cruising Night” event in Helsinki, Finland.

Although this Chevy is kind of quiet in the video, it is capable of producing some significant power. There is plenty say about it, starting from the outside. It is obvious that the owner loves his vehicle and has put a lot of effort to bring it in the condition we see it now. First, there is the eye catching, extra clean, metallic, orange paintwork. Second, we can see the shiny rims hiding disc brakes with a Wilwood master cylinder. Next, the “hunch” on the hood indicates that there is some serious stuff underneath. You can also tell that by the sound, either the car is idle or moving. It has a 408 CID 6.7L small block V8 engine, BLP 850 cfm carburetor, 700R4 transmission with overdrive. Moreover, this Chevy Nova is enhanced with steel crank and rods, forget pistons, roller cam, lifter, rockers, push rods, aluminum air gap intake, water pump, radiator and many more!

At last, more Chevy Nova history here!