572 Blown Chevelle Hits The Road! A MUST SEE For Every Car Lover!

Muscle cars are American trademark. They were mainly produced in the second half of the 20th century and are still popular today. We`d say even more popular than ever! Keeping muscle cars on the road is like keeping the American spirit alive. With the advanced technology we have it is easier to maintain muscle cars in a condition they deserve to be in. Muscle cars create lots of memories among family, friends, especially if it is restored in those circles. In this video you are about to see, we have to show you a blown Chevelle with 572 Chevrolet engine.

Matching combination. This car looks good when you first see it, but later when it goes out on the highway, than it looks great! The highway is the place where this car shows what is capable of. The driver demonstrates its capabilities and didn`t even press the car hard. Moreover, the sound of the 572 Chevrolet engine creates one sweet completeness. And the rear tires are put there to endure the power that the car has, ready for some burnouts. If you like this blown Chevelle, we are afraid that you might envy the owner a little bit.

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