1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Owned By The Tattooed Baby Alexis DeJoria!

Alexis DeJoria`s most dear ride, in a unique collection, is the awesome 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS that she could afford to buy it when she was seventeen. At the very first sight of her, Alexis gives the impression of a rough gal. We are sure you`ll agree with us if you saw her.  With all her tattoes and attitude, she is a nice mixture of sociable and kind personality. But when its time for racing, then it`s the time when you see the true Alexis!


A complete restoration was made to this `67 Chevelle. The original lead was eliminated from  body, frame and all the components were powder coated and media blasted. The metal plates were welded and crafted as they should and the factory lead was discarded. A nice, custom made firewall was fitted into place. The chrome was in the very capable hands of  Sherm`s Custom Plating, the powder coating  went to the team of Precision Stripping and Auto Creations did the polishing and the stainless work.


1967-chevrolet-chevelle-ss-interior bb

When Alexis found this 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS it was a factory made car with big block engine, boosting 454 horses.  Being pushed to its limits, the car was pretty worn out. After a year, the car received a brand new 454crate machine and a big overhaul. Within a year, Bastiao assembled, ported and fitted an insane a big 498 ci block. At rpm 7100 the car boosted around 534 horses and at rpm of 6200 it pulled out an incredible amount of 540 ft-lb of torque.

Bored to 4.372-inches and stroked to 4.150, the internally balanced and blueprinted engine has The car is fitted some very cool pistons from Mahle, a stud kit from ARP, two pieces pushrods from Manton and for the gas pumping a compression ratio of 9.1:1. Bryant manufactured the crankshaft and Bullet  did the camshaft. Bastaio also smoothed up the intake manifold from Edelbrock. The valvetrain was finished up with solid lifters from Isky and a roller timing chain from Cloyes.

This very special 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS is fitted wth all the top notch elements and parts, carefully chosen throughout the years. The SS is featured the Turbo 400 transmission, a custom shifter from B n` M Quicksilver and a steering wheel from Grant steering wheel. Bastaio was also behind the featuring of the 3,000 stall torque converter. Sacramento Drive Lines did the heavy duty custom made driveshaft.

Through the span of almost two decades that Alexis has been the proud owner of her most treasured Chevelle, there were plenty of people that participated in the creation of this car that is so much dear to her. Alexis is more than thankful to Bastaio, as well as to Sullivan and Jerry.

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