Check Out Mat Frost’s 2800+HP 1967 HULK Chevy Nova!

I have got to admit to you that there has been a while since I have seen such a beauty, so perfectly built and constructed car to the very last detail that gives you an adrenalin rush only from watching it on the monitor. That is the type of car that we are going to introduce to you today -- Matt Frost`s 1967 Hulk Chevy Nova!

About two years ago, Matt came across a 1967 Hulk Chevy Nova race car, powered by a small block Chevy and picked it to be his future dream car. From the moment the car arrived in his garage, he jumped right in and started to work on it. As expected, he made many alternations to come to today`s look. He bolted up the `glass rear bumper and fabricated the custom fiberglass front bumper by turning it upside down and giving it a new shape. After a lot of cutting and reshaping, the final touch to the aggressive exterior were lightweight Lexan windows, fiberglass hood with 6 inch cowl and a rear deck lid with aluminum wing. The color choice came from Fred`s favorite characters and as he is saying, to get the kids interested in it.

Finally, follow the Chevy Nova through the years!


Enjoy the video below!

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