Check Out Mat Frost’s 2800+HP 1967 HULK Chevy Nova!

matt frost twin turbo chevy nova 2matt frost twin turbo chevy nova 2

As far as the interior goes, Mat head a good head start from the previous owner, who installed a full role cage, aluminum race seats and many other things, so there were only a few extras to be added. The real deal was the monster under the hood that will produce he power hat Matt wanted to achieve. He changed the small block V8 Chevy with a big block twin-turbocharged Chevy, `ornamented` with many extra parts, so that everything would fit in perfectly and gave Mat a chance to take out the maximum out of those terrifying 2 800 HP.

That would be the short version of Mat Frost`s ultimate `67 Hulk Chevy Nova and here are two videos to help you feel the power of this monster better.