AWESOME Fast Chevy Nova! Man That Thing is EVIL! RIP Headphone Users!

What we have here is a true beastly, tuned up muscle car, a mean looking Chevy Nova that is just about to tare up the entire drag strip and do some serious damage. The owner of the video did not gave as some specs about this mean looking Chevy Nova, but from the looks of it, it sure as hell reminds a lot on Stuntman Mike`s 1971 Chevy Nova, from Quentin Tarantino`s Death Proof movie. Now, this one does not have the duck ornament at the front of the hood, but that is why there is the supercharger that is sticking out of the hood and gives it even more notorious appearance. And we can bet for sure that it can do much more damage than the Stuntman Mike`s Death Proof – on the drag strip of course! Prior watching the video of this extremely fast Chevy Nova in action, we must advise you to tune down the volume a bit.

This beauty is LOUD! However, the video that you are about to see from this Chevy Nova`s performance is really impressive. Unfortunately, due to a bad recording, we can not see the exact time that Nova is setting at this eight mile strip, but it looks something like four seconds (it is not a wild guess, but still, we would not bet on it). Nonetheless, even without looking at the time it can be clearly seen that this excessively fast Chevy Nova is no joke! It showed that it is quite potent on the drag strip. Too bad there were no challengers for it. That would have been nice to see. We guess that this performance will have to do for the time being.

Take a look for yourself and tell me what you think about this great muscle car.

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Enjoy the video below!

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