1967 Chevy Nova With a Huge Blower On to the Dyno Test!

What we have here is a video of this great KPE Racing built 1967 Chevy Nova at the garage, after having some problems on the first leg of the drag week tour. Actually it was a lean pop that made this awesome muscle car to stop running for a short period, but that is only a piece of cake for the guys at the garage.

It is a short video but very effective for all those who love these babes, one of my favorite Chevy muscle cars, with a turbocharger that develops over 1 000 horse and torque power. Therefore, it is no surprise that the dynamometer looks like it is about to burst from all that power over it.

Just listen to that sound and feel the amount of energy and power going out as the throttle pedal is pushed. I do not know about you guys, but I have always enjoyed this moments, when the final checkups are being made and the car is showing off its full capacity. Too bad we do not have exact numbers, but never the less, watch the video and enjoy it.

Anyway, here are some DYNO tips for your session!