Chevrolet Nova 1968! One of 12 In The Owners Collection!

Here we are today, telling you the story of a true Nova guy-Ken. He used to own twelve Novas, such as 1967 SS and a 1966 SS as well as 2 1966 wagons, but he also wanted a third-generation example, so he went searching a Chevrolet Nova 1968 2. He lockated one, but it didn`t please him, so he commenced looking for donor cars. It seems like it wasn`t easy to find decent Novas round his place of birth in Mississippi. He found three`70 and one `69 donors which were in solid state, not as rusty as Ken thought to be.

One was completely damaged in front, another suffered severe rear wreckage, but  what was in common for these cars was that they all had something that could be used in some way.  Maybe that `s the reason they are referred to as donated cars.




Tags Hot Rod Shop of Mississippi, Brandon was his partner in crime. Many terms of the build Ken handed over to the Taggarts.

They did a great part of the metal fabrication, for example the  chassis work on the Chevrolet Nova 1968 back-half which uses 4 bars tofind  a 9-inch Ford axle stuffed  with a spool and 4.10. In order the 18.5×29 x15 Mickey Thompsons in rear end to fit into the fenders on twelve inch rims. Thanks to Belltech spindles this beast currently rumbles on two inches up front and four inches lower in the back.

This Chevrolet Nova 1968 project`s current engine is built by Chris Taggart. For that purpose, he used 454 block, that contains a stroke of 4.250  and 4.280 bore and at 7,000 rpm it boosts some serious 700 horses, and  at 4,500 uses 600 lb-ft. Under the Gary Williams 4500 carb 1050-cfm is located the one hundred and ninety to three hundred 300 agressive  NOS`s Big shot kit.

Ken is satisfied with the smooth lines of his Nova and the way they turned out to be. Jamie Berry is in charge of the painting and he as well did the smooth ghost rally stripes atop the Candy Brandy Wine paint. The stripes lay over a four inch cowl hood from Harwood at the front. This was mostly welcomed and needed in order to clean the compartment of the heavy big block engine.

Finally, we will leave this link here as a surprise. 🙂