Custom Chevy Nova – Murder Nova On Its First With A Turbo Charger! Check It Out!

Take some time for yourself and enjoy this custom Chevy Nova called the Murder Nova by the Street Outlaws, of course. This video is amazing and chronologically presents the Murder Nova as you will feel like it`s one of you!
Starting off with the DYNO you will see how powerful Big Chief made this custom Chevy Nova.

The Murder Nova is on test first time after a Twin Turbo has been installed to it! It is from that moment that you realize you have business with an amazing and powerful ride!
After finishing the DYNO, the Chevy Nova Murder goes for a spin. The first drive is amazing with a marvelous point of view.

But then comes the most exciting part, the drag strip! You will get to see the first pass of this custom Chevy Nova. You will definitely be amazed by it as well.

Get your sound devices ready right now! Because the first thing you are going to hear is the first start up sound of this beautiful monster. You are going to be thrilled by the idling sound. While you are listening to this engine, you can also look at it at the same time.

Next thing, the dyno test. Prepare yourself to hear a really loud machine! After this this car is taken on the road for the first ride, where it is supposed to show everything that showed back in the garage! These guys want to make sure that everything is OK, therefore they are running a few more tests at the Texas Raceway.

Can’t wait to see it on the drag strip! Real BEAST! Check out this CRAZY Murder NOVA with the 1st Start-up, 1st Drive & 1st Street Pass With WHEELIE!

Finally, check out this Chevrolet Nova powered by Diesel Venom Toxic!

Enjoy the video below!

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