1600HP Blown Dodge CHALLENGER Roaring at the DYNO TEST!

One of the things that Australians and Americans have in common is the passion for the true American muscle and the desire to build and construct out of this world powerful engines that have the capabilities to literally blow away the dyno when being tested. An example given is this Blown Dodge CHALLENGER!

Thus, today we have prepared a video clip that is coming from Ozzie land, with one very powerful Dodge Challenger, with an engine that generates astonishing 1 600 HP, and that looks like it is about to blow away that rolling road, in the moments when it is reaching its peak power.

Fortunately for this tuner, this ominous looking black blown Dodge Challenger does not do that. We can see a little sparkling in the last moments of its terrifying dyno performance, but everything ends with a happy ending and everybody can go home with a smile on their faces.

So, I think that you get the picture about what kind of a video are you going to watch, which means that if you love listening big engine roaring and showing off its ultimate power, plus if you are Mopar aficionado, then I think that you are really going to enjoy the following two and half minutes.