Vintage PLYMOUTH CUDA 440 Idling & Chilling Out!

Once again, thanks to our favorite YouTuber and big time classic Detroit muscle aficionado from Finland, Jamboolio, we have the pleasure of seeing and feasting our eyes with another awesome specimen from the golden era of the American muscle car production. As you know it well (all those who are following us on regular basis, especially the articles with vintage muscles), Jamboolio has a habit of being present at every important spot in Helsinki, where (and when) there is a gathering and showcasing of awesome cars. And this time, our `friend` had prepared us another video with one perfectly preserved and restored vintage beauty, a Plymouth Cuda 440.

I think that most of you will agree with me when I say that Plymouth Cuda 440 models from the beginning of the 70s are the perfect examples and representatives of the period when car designers were not building and creating `only cars`, but they were making people`s dreams come true. And this awesome Barracuda, a vintage American muscle car, that is coming with a yellow paint job, combined with matte black, is totally irresistible. I think that wasting too many words to try and describe its true value and timeless allure is pointless.

That is why I suggest you check out Jamboolio`s video below, and see this beauty for yourself and enjoy that awesome V8 sound, as the car is idling and chilling out. But if you want to find out more about the Plymouth `Cuda, go to this link.