Blown Plymouth Barracuda 360 CI at 2014 Essen Motor Show!

Here we go with another one video clip from this year`s Essen Motor Show in Germany, where the American muscle cars were big time, to say the least. Most of the European visitors over there do not have a chance to see such a classic American muscle in everyday life, so it was no surprise that the interest about the Barracuda 360 CI was at a high level.

The very first Barracudas came out on the market in 1964, beating the Ford Mustang by only two weeks. In the next five years, it had an A-body style, until the introduction of the E-body in 1970. It was powered by a 273 cubic inch V8 motor that was generating around 180 HP, but as the years went by, more powerful engines were produced, from the Super Stock 426 Hemi Package, to the 440 Six-Pack. It quickly became one of the most notable cars in the golden era of the American muscle car production.

I do not think that there is even one muscle cars fan out there who does not like this piece of history in his garage, but rare are the ones who actually have one. And if you are one of the many who like and adore Blown Plymouth Barracuda, then the following 360 CI video with this great red specimen will be a real treat for you.