1973 DODGE CHARGER Black at 2014 Essen Motor Show!

What would a car motor show be without the presence of the timeless beauty of the American muscle cars from the golden era? And when it comes down to the 2014 Essen Motor Show in Germany, the spectrum of cars that was covered here is unmatched in Germany, which is the main reason why so many car enthusiasts from all over Europe came here to feast their eyes with some of best cars on the planet And once again, the pillar where the American muscle cars were located was one of the most visited. And after you will watch the video bellow, recorded by our team, in which the main role is `given` to the timeless beauty and irresistible allure of this 1973 Dodge Charger Black you will understand why this car was on every muscle car fan`s wish-list.

Everyone who knows (at least) a thing or two about cars, is very much aware about the many superior aspects that the American muscle cars have over the European luxury sports cars.

It is a whole other ball game

But I should not be lecturing you about something you know very well, but will let you enjoy the video with this great 1973 Dodge Charger Black!