WHEELIE With A DYNA FXDX In The Middle Of The Traffic!

No matter how cool one thing looks, and it is shown here on this web site, we always advise you to think of your own safety! I.e. do not attempt any potential hazardous stunt! Always think twice. Because the line between win situation and failure is very thin. We do not have to mention the consequences. However, not everyone reconsiders before attempting a stunt. But on the other hand, we put our hats down for this amazing biker. We don`t want to get into his mind, we are only going to praise his awesome performance. This guy attracts everyone`s attention on the highway by doing a wheelie. Not an ordinary wheelie, but he lifts the front wheel his Dyna Fxdx to almost a 90 degree angle! That is impressive!

Additionally, he does that with only one hand which also deserves a salute! But that is not all! His other hand touches the asphalt! Honestly, this stunt is not a thing you see on a daily basis. Also, this biker looks so calm during the whole performance. We bet he has years and years of experience behind him. And when he finishes riding the DYNA FXDX on the rear wheel with only one hand, he continues doing a wheelie but unfortunately the video stops there. Who knows how long he maintained the wheelie!

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