Today`s video can be freely put in the category of rare ones, because you don`t see a situation like this every day. Although it would`ve been awesome to have the chance to see talented drivers showing what they know best on a daily basis. But always bear in mind that it is 10% talent and 90% work. Meaning that you simply cannot go out on the highway with a motorbike and perform a highway wheelie as your first attempt! No matter how confident you feel. Remember that safety is always first. And later, the results will come if you work hard and dedicate to the thing you like. It doesn`t have to be related to the automotive world.

The video we have prepared for you today says everything aforementioned, but without words. Please, put your hands together for Denis Nuhic, the amazing biker who performs the stunt you are about to see. He is one certified gearhead, without a doubt. The motorbike he is riding is a Suzuki GSX-R 1000, and he is probably performing this highway wheelie at 80+ mph. Also, he uses the turn signal when switches lanes! Now, that`s a responsible rider!

At last, have you seen the most provocative wheelie with no front wheel?! If the answer is no, click here to watch the most courageous bike stunt ever.