Perfect Drag Race Reaction! Johnathan Gray VS Erica Enders Stevens!

Another exciting drag race! Perfect sunny day, perfect race. It is all set, and the anticipation is growing as the drivers are waiting for the red light to go off. The crowd is cheering, everybody is waiting for the moment of truth. Who is going to be the winner of this race? We already said that it is a sunny day, and you might think that the sun will cause some inconveniences to the drivers, but it is a minor problem for these professionals. On the left we have Johnathan Gray, and on the right it is Erica Enders Stevens, who is in a better position according to the numbers.

Actually, those numbers will be right at the end! In a neck to neck race, with Erica Enders Stevens winning this encounter and securing her place in the final round. She crosses the finish line in 6.49 seconds with 213 mph, thanks to her double perfect reaction. So if you are in a position like this, to race a girl, leave all stereotypes aside, because this race is a proof that a girl can drive a car better than you might think.

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