TOWN To TOWN YAMAHA R1 Wheelie Without Stopping!

OWNWe show you videos from all over the world, but we haven`t shown you much from this part of the planet. Welcome to Macedonia! The little, landlocked country in southern Europe, also has some drivers that deserve to be part of our gearhead community! Especially this guy! He has the balance and the guts! But be careful people, we are definitely sure that you know how dangerous can this be. Although this YAMAHA R1 wheelie looks like a piece of cake, it is not.

However, we have to put our hands together for this Ghost Rider. He deserves it, because in that country it is not a common sight to witness a biker riding his motorbike right there on the highway passing by the other cars. We don`t know for sure how long was he riding his bike like this, but we can tell that it is way longer than the video`s length! Probably several miles, because he was riding it before the video started and he continued after the video stopped. You might say he dropped the bike right after the video finished, but the Macedonian temper doesn`t quit easily!

Plus, if you want to see another Yamaha R1 wheelie or a driver who this time comes from Moscow and conquers the streets of Russia, follow this link and decide whether he is insane or he is just an absolute genius.