See The LONGEST & Most INSANE Water Wheelie!

Have you ever wondered how does it look like being in a wheelie? Now you are about to find out! Check out this MIGHTY MACHINE at Silver Lake in Michigan! It lifts the front wheels so easily just like we were riding our bikes on the rear wheel! WOW! Of course, you get the whole picture in a few seconds when you hear the roaring engine! Watch this skilled driver who makes this water wheelie look so easy.

If you pay close attention to this vehicle when it drives on the rear wheels, you`ll notice something written on the bottom of it. It means this sand car is created especially for this purpose, being in a wheelie, and with the message written tells us there is no messing around with it! This video is so cool because the car tries over and over again, making the excitement bigger. Also it is recorded from several different angles, both very close and far away. While we are at it, somewhere in the second section of the video, the slow motion part starts, and we get the chance to observe the water wheelie almost as if we are doing it!

At last, follow this link to watch more wheelie videos!