We assume you all know who the STREETFIGHTERZ are! Well, if you are ready we would like to take you for a trip that you will never forget with these guys! They decided to leave their home Missouri and go west! The chaos they cause in the streets is unforgettable, you have never seen something like this! Even the Vikings would envy them for this kind of raid! Their “little” trip to the west includes everything! From some insane wheelies that rip out the streets to burnouts that will leave their marks forever and donuts from your dreams! Simply everything that you can imagine including even stuff you could not imagine!

It is really awesome checking out this footage performed by the Streetfighterz and friends as they raid the west! Enjoy all the beautiful and powerful bikes, enjoy the great music this video has to offer and most important, enjoy the INCREDIBLE stunts they perform and prepare to be left jaw dropped! As everyone else that has seen this video stayed impressed, it is now your turn to do the same. Find out what is so special about this video! The Streetfighterz – wilder than the Wild West!