WHEELIES & MUDDING With Huge 10,000 Pounds Swamp Vehicle!

Who said Swamp Buggies can`t produce fun? We have not one, not two but three videos to prove you wrong! Firstly, let us see how cool would it be if a huge 10 000 pounds vehicle could do a wheelie! If you think that is impossible, you have never been more wrong in your life! All you need is to install a PS6320CTC into your Swamp Vehicle and you are good to go! You can check that out on the first footage.

Hence, if you can`t afford to have a boat party in the middle of the Ocean – use the swamp instead. And you don`t really need a boat when you have a gigantic vehicle like this one! Just relax and have fun like our friends in the video!

Finally, check out the Swamp Buggies of Florida 2014! See how people all over Florida joined their countrymen on this special day for every Swamp Buggy owner! Enjoy while you watch Buggies ride, jump and race! Have a meal to take a break from all the noise and listen to a young lady playing the violin! Don`t wait any more – mud has never been this interesting!

Anyway, this right here is the real deal!

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