We all know well that Germany is a country that has always been (and probably forever will be) the top engineering nation, that has given to the world so many things, starting from the über classy Mercedes-Benz, sports cars like the Porsche, the legendary Volkswagen Beetle, and many other technological wonders that are solving all kinds of seemingly unsolvable problems, and are leaving us with our mouths open and wondering how did that happen!? Today we have prepared you a German TV video, that I think will be a real treat for all those among you, who love big, gigantic machines, demonstrating its ultimate power. It is one insanely cool giant tractor that is powered by a Man marine diesel engine that produces 650 HP, in a typical power demonstration.

Believe me when I tell you that you really do not necessarily need a translation to fully enjoy this video. I`m sure that you all know the saying that one picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, this goes double in this case, because the appearance of this giant tractor is more than enough. It is a pure pleasure for all those big machine fans.