HUGE Tractor With FOUR 1900HP Russian Helicopter Engines! HOW Much Does a Setup Like This COST?

People go so far nowadays when fulfilling their dreams! We have all had dreams, some of them we managed to turn into reality, some of them stayed somewhere behind! However, even if we had a dream to have a HUGE TRACTOR equipped with four engines of a Russian Military Helicopter, we do not know how we would have made them real!

We have seen many tractor pulling show but this run could be the craziest of them all!If you have a big farm, this vehicle will probably be the most useful tool! It is a word of a huge tractor, with four enormously powerful motors! This insane tractor is powered with  (believe it or not) four 1900HP Isotov TV3-117M Russian Helicopter Engines that are screaming like demons. Just listen to their sound!

This does seem highly unreal but it is true! The guy fulfilled his dream as the engines of the TV3 – 177M are now in his HUGE TRACTOR! They are so mighty that make the whole front section go up in the air without propellers! When it comes to engines closely this size, we often remind you of the environmental awareness. However, this is not the case with today`s video. As far as we know, these tractors` engines use methanol as a fuel. And that type of fuel is more environmentally friendly than the others! ! Anyway, the accent should be put on the huge tractor and the pull that it performs! People stare at this one and they should! The way this huge tractor pulls is extraordinary and we catch ourselves replaying and replaying this video over and over again! Okay, it`s time to lay back, turn your speakers up and enjoy this huge tractor and its four Russian military engines! Enjoy!

P.S. I thought this event was tractor pulling, not jet pulling! 🙂

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