Being a bus driver is not an easy job at all. Especially if you are employed as a public transportation bus driver in a huge City! The megalopolises nowadays can be cruel and severe. People are pretty angry, always rushing somewhere while the traffic is awful! And to make this job even tougher, let`s make the bus you are driving – a DOUBLE-ARTICULATED one! Now that is something that you have to be a man to handle! However, today we want to show you the reverse parking skills of such driver!

We have already had some videos where we saw great skills by people from all around the world! We have seen people parking their cars in a tiny little gap, we have seen a truck doing an amazing trick so it could park, but we have never seen a Bi-Articulated bus do it!!! So now is the time, the video below shows a very experienced bus driver who is able to park his AMAZINGLY LONG bus in a gap that could hardly fit an SUV! This guy deserves our attention, so go on and see him in action! Years and years of training have paid off! This is the best reverse parking ever!