This Massive Bike BURNOUT Will Make Even The Ghost Riders JEALOUS!

Ok, let’s get this straight. We have seen a lot of burnout videos done publicly on the streets that ended up with huge smoky clouds and yes we admired them. However, the footage below leaves behind every possible burnout attempt, because according to us this is so far the best burnout ever that will leave you shocked, amazed, fascinated, speechless and hell yes -- you will watch several times. This awesome Bike BURNOUT looks the same like the ones that Ghost Rider do them in the movie.

This Massive Bike BURNOUT Will Make Ghost Riders JEALOUS 2

However, behind those burnouts stands a huge team of animators, and here we have only 3 crazy people ready to leave a mark in the motorcycling history.

Slaying is not a sufficient word to explain what happens to the tire of this bike, but one thing is sure -- the guys in this video now know how burning rubber smells like. The majority of our bike lovers will feel sorry for the bike, but hey -- be lucky that that is not your beauty and that there are people outside ready to sacrifice their vehicle in order to make a fiery performance like this.

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