Dirt Bike Surfing The Waves Of TAHITI By ROBBIE MADDISON!

It is fair to say that the following stunt is without a doubt the most unique and extraordinary in the newer history of mankind! It is a work of art of the one and only Robbie “Maddo” Maddison, the Australian bike rider also known as the modern Evel Knievel! Over the years, he has been entertaining spectators all over the world, but his latest endeavor is undoubtedly fascinating! This charismatic biker had a dream to ride a wave, and with the help of DC Shoes his dream became a reality in the project called PIPE DREAM, which is basically dirt bike surfing. He and his team were trying to make all of this come true for the last 3 years. And after the hard work everything paid off!

Maddo accomplished what many considered as impossible, and with his dirt bike surfing he took everything to a whole new level. Or in other words, beyond the borders of imagination! During the preparations, the bike has been going under water for many times. This was followed by thorough mechanical work to bring it back to life. So later they decided to replace the 450cc four-stroke engine with a two-stroke in order to have the advantage of possessing a less-complicated motor and less wiring as well. Therefore, the chances of disaster in Tahiti were minimized.

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