Crazy Biker Does Back Wheelie Without Front Wheel!

We have presented to you many videos over the past years where we showed you cool tricks, amazing burnouts, donuts and DIY videos! Well, we now have something for you, the only thing is – WE DO NOT RECOMMEND IT! Then again, we have seen some great stunts performed by amazing riders that literally left us jaw dropped! However, it is a great skill to see, as one crazy biker does the wheelie of his life on a bike that has NO front wheel!!! Not only does it lack a wheel, it also does not have a Riding Gear which makes it even harder to perform!

To make it even harder, this guy decided to perform this act without even wearing a helmet, and not to mention – shoes! Yeah, you heard it right, this one prefers FLIP FLOPS when extreme riding a bike! Turns out, we don`t really need a front wheel. All we need to do is to do a wheelie like this crazy stunt performer! So, if you want to see how it is possible to ride a bike that has only one tire, check out this short crazy biker video we have prepared for you! Dear Gearheads, enjoy the skills!

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