EPIC WHEELIE Done By A Lifted Chevy Monster Truck!

A truck is just a truck until you do something special about it. So what do you do? You can do several things, change the looks a little so you can make it stand out in public and make everyone`s head turn back as you roll the streets or you can perform something stunning an impress the surrounding crowd! Fortunately enough, this one did both things! The Lifted Chevy Monster Truck is so lifted that you can actually have a great view from the cabin! And, not only that, you can really feel the power this truck has!

Finally, our hero for today, the Lifted Chevy Monster Truck does this INCREDIBLE WHEELIE as he almost does a 90 degree angle! The whole crowd around him cheers and applauses and he sure looks like he`s proud! If we could change one thing, it would be that sound that does not imply power, but noise that couple of cans would do on a pavement! Other than that, we have nothing but compliments for this young man who just represented the true power of CHEVROLET! So, Dear GearHeads, feel free to click on the link below and enjoy the outstanding performance!

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