Watch This DIY Fire Spit Exhaust TUTORIAL! Don’t Miss It!

You have seen plenty of videos here at our web page presenting you fire spitting vehicles. This one is similar yet different. The car spits fire, but the recording you have the chance to see is actually a tutorial for building your own fire spit system! The guys from Chaotic Customs are here at your disposal to show you what you need, and how to install the flame thrower kit. They are using a 1965 Thunderbird as a model car for this presentation.

Now let`s review the parts for this system. You are going to need a coil, main module (put it where it can stay dry), sparkplugs, bunions, push button switch, wire and wire connectors and sparkplug wires as well. First step mounting the coils. They put them in the trunk, then drill a hole for the plug wire to reach the exhaust pipe. Next, mounting the sparkplugs. Two ways to do it -- with and without welding. After this, they show you how to connect the sparkplug wire with the coil. The following fire spit step is mounting the module. They are not demonstrating, instead they are showing a diagram. After all that, check for spark, but remember not to have the engine running. By the end of the video, you are going to get some more tips and see the procedure itself.

At last, click here to watch Mad Mike in one fire-spitting action that goes berserk! Amazing drifting spectacle!