It is impressive to know how far the human brain has gone, and how technology is at its zenith right know as we are speaking. When talking about technology, we are not trying to compare this to some advanced machinery or so! We are here to see the real POWER of a simple thing called – FRICTION! However, we suggest you should start WELDING and it will make your life simpler. We could save a lot of energy and time welding two objects together, for example your bike pedal if it was to fell off etc.

Anyway, this video that is waiting for you at the bottom is showing the real POWER OF FRICTION where we have this machine that uses its force to put two objects together! Unfortunately, we are not able to tell what is being made of in this footage! There are two gigantic objects and they are put together by welding! There are many guesses about what this could be: a truck wheel or a pulley, there are even other guesses. Whatever it is, it does not matter for we are here to see the ART of FRICTION!!! START WELDING!