Vacation PRANK! RC BOAT That Looks Like An ALLIGATOR Head!

One of the most important things in life is to have a good time. We were not born just for paying bills. We ought to travel, explore and hence broad our horizons. Of course, as far as the pocket allows. On the other hand, if you are surrounded with the right people, you will most likely have a good time all the time. Having fun embraces a vast array of activities, regarding to your current mood. However, we tend to entertain ourselves on somebody else`s account. It is often hilarious! And if the pranked person(s) is/are OK with it, than you should keep those people closer to you. For instance, take a look at this vacation prank video we have for you today.

It will really make your day and give you a prank idea as well! We are talking about an RC boat that has an alligator head acting as its body! This device is often used by the DNR to catch gator hunters. Nevertheless, the man operating this boat, directs it towards the group who is calmly resting in the middle of the lake! But when they see the alligator head they start panicking and some of them even fall in the water! The vacation prank would`ve lasted longer if the kids weren`t smiling. Anyway, they gave an acknowledgement!

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