Imagine that your Grandma gets arrested! You will be laughing hard after this article! Watching a great and funny car prank is always intriguing and appealing thing to do, especially when everything is staged and acted perfectly, and the point is pretty solid. In this case, here we have, for some of you, the well known YouTube prankster Roman Atwood, who pulled a really cool one on his grandmother, in order to give her the best and most unexpected birthday surprise ever!

What Roman did here is the following. After he prepared two guys for the roles of the policemen, he told his grandma that he will take her for a ride in his Nissan GTR R35, as a present for the 78th birthday. Of course, the car is awesome, and from what we can tell, the grandma`s reaction is pretty genuine.

So, they are riding on the streets, Roman pulls a few launches, even goes on an empty parking lot and does a few small donuts, in order to spice things up even more. And after telling his grandma to change sets, so that he can take a picture of her for the birthday, police car arrives and pulls them out and tells them that the Nissan GTR which they are driving is actually a stolen car… So Grandma gets arrested….

Sounds cool enough? You bet it does! So just watch the video below and have a few good laughs! And if you want to see some other cool car pranks, go to this link.