One Of The BEST PRANKS EVER! Play It On Your Friends!

There is an old proverb saying that you cannot choose your family, but you can choose your friends. Because as you already know and you have probably experienced, some important decisions in life are brought after a friend`s advice. Also, when a friend becomes a best friend he/she is more like a part of the family. This is the part of our lives when unforgettable moments start to shape the course of our future. With help of friends. However, friends wouldn`t be friends if they wouldn`t know how to make you laugh, even if you have to be the guinea pig sometimes. All with the goal to experience the best pranks ever.

These occasions only fortify the base of friendship. You don`t have to be angry if you are set up, just return the joke the same way.

Today`s -- best pranks ever -- video is the perfect example of the aforesaid. Yes, it has nothing to do with cars, but still can teach you something and definitely make you laugh. This video is nothing but hilarious! See how perfectly coordinated friends do a prank on another friend of theirs, while the guys recording the video are rolling on the floor laughing! Thumbs up for the main protagonist who managed to stay serious all the time!

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