Is This How You REACT At Somebody’s Car Wash Fail?

We have all been in situations when we desperately need help, but we won`t ask for it because we are afraid that the person helping us is not going to finish the job as we think it should be done. Are we right? Of course, we know how to appreciate a given hand, however, sometimes we get that feeling that nobody can help us. Or if we let someone help, we regret it later. Therefore, we frequently choose the worst possible solution, continue working alone despite the fact we`ll remain stuck for eternity. Normally, some will disagree with the aforementioned but it won`t be interesting if there are no opposite opinions. Anyway, our goal with today`s car wash fail video is to make you laugh, very much.

And we will be honored if we succeed with our intention. It is about a guy that wants to help with detailing the car (hence the introduction) but he drops the towel on the floor. Due to his “lack of knowledge” he picks the towel up and continues with his work like nothing happened. This is where the fun part kicks in! Prepare to roll on the floor laughing with this car wash fail!

At last, have you seen the dog that hates being left in the car? Check his awesome reaction here!