Ford F 150 FX4 Tows a SEMI TRUCK that is STUCK IN SNOW!

We`ve all seen the news and we know the situation in Chicago these days! The snow blizzard has hit the city pretty bad. The streets are covered in snow and even though Snow Removal Services are doing their best, the snow is still pretty bad! That is why a Semi Truck got stuck in the snow and remained like that for 4 hours! The 18-wheeler found himself helpless on George Street in Logan Square! But do not worry, this story has a happy ending! The hero of the day was the one and only – FORD F 150 FX4 with all the horsepower that came and helped this poor Semi Truck! It`s really incredible to see a truck towing an ENORMOUS 18-wheeler!

However, this hero brought happiness among people, made every Ford driver proud and made mechanists that work with Fords happy to continue doing so! Anyway, if you want to congratulate him, you can find him at the Chicago Special Olympics Polar Plung. There he will raise funds for Special Olympics and the Children’s Charities. You can also donate a dollar or two if you want to help out!

Finally, read more about the F series here!