SCANIA LORRY fell into a Snow Hole & Needs to be Pulled!

Those who know geography also know that Russia is one of the coldest countries in the World! Especially the northern part which is where this next video comes from! Unfortunately, this video is not about the pretty landscapes of this region, nor is it about the beautiful sights Russia has to offer. It`s about a Scania lorry that has suffered a little accident! By falling into a hole it needs to be pulled out! The hero for today is a K-700 who will try to tow it out!

Those of you that read our articles daily already know the true power of Russian tractors! Will it be proved again on this cold winter day?! It probably would if the tow rope did not snap! That is an awful thing to happen when you are in a situation like this! However, we hope that the Scania lorry is out of the mess now, even though the first attempt did not go well at all. It would be a shame if a truck like that finished like that! We guess you are impatient to see the K-700 in action. We`ll live you to it.

Enjoy the footage and check this other Scania adventure!